Launch Of 15-Minute Business Fulfilment By Yalla Market

Yalla Market Launches a Quick Commerce – Yalla Hub

Yalla Market launches quick commerce as a service solution that enables companies to have their own rapid delivery and increase sales in Dubai – Yalla Hub.

Yalla Hub, a brand-new business vertical, gives entrepreneurs access to infrastructure for last-mile deliveries, marketing, logistics, and all other tools required to quickly and directly contact clients in Dubai within 15-30 minutes.

About Yalla Market

Yalla Market, a quick grocery delivery service, was first introduced in Dubai in August 2021. It has a vital infrastructure for conducting a q-commerce activity with 60 riders, seven hyperlocal warehouses in high-demand areas of Dubai, and technology for order picking, packaging, and storage.

Statement of CEO And Co-Founder of Yalla Market, Leo Dovbenko

According to Leo Dovbenko, CEO and Co-Founder of Yalla Market, Consumers in the Middle East and North Africa region desire quick delivery, quickly becoming the new normal. After a year of investigation, they have concluded that Dubai has lengthy delivery periods for offline and online goods. Merchants want to expand their online businesses, boost sales, and reduce expenses, but doing so will demand a substantial CAPEX investment. They allow these retailers to convert to express delivery, doubling their conversions and LTV. Yalla Market‘s evaluation demonstrates that this is effective. Quickly delivering products will result in a high frequency of orders; in q-commerce, the more, the better. For instance, Yalla Market clients place an average of 10 orders per month, which is a respectable number.

How Can Business Benefit from Yalla Hub?

Yalla Hub unifies all market participants onto a single technical platform capable of scalability. The internal infrastructure of Yalla Hub includes imports, warehouses, storage, logistics, fulfilment, payment gateways, access to third-party aggregators, customer service teams, marketing tools, and speedy delivery. Businesses from any nation can take advantage of this infrastructure; this allows them to quickly and easily enter the UAE to reach the entire MENA market.

Leo Dovbenko continued by saying that Yalla Hub is a speedy delivery company, not another aggregator. They assist e-commerce business owners in expanding geographically without setting up new storefronts. In addition, their clients continue to use their previous sales channels, such as their own websites, mobile apps, aggregators, and marketplaces.

Businesses can benefit from the new B2B model in the following ways:

  • Premium packaging and speedy delivery to end customers: 15 minutes in central Dubai districts, 30 minutes in Dubai’s outlying zones, and 24 hours across the UAE.
  • Keeping items in their warehouses (financial responsibility).
  • Aggregators’ virtual store creation and sales expansion.

The First Customers

The first customers were brands of perfumes and cosmetics, food and drinks, clothes and pants, beauty products and accessories, electronics and accessories, and food and drinks. The process of negotiating deals is presently underway with significant merchants.

Yalla Market’s Goal for the GCC

Leo Dovbenko, CEO and Co-Founder of Yalla Market, stated that their goal for the GCC is for everything to be delivered fast, dependably, and efficiently. Q-commerce as a service may assist any company in entering the UAE and possibly MENA markets without creating significant offline and online infrastructure.