Five Palestinians Killed by Israel in The West Bank.

Palestinians Killed by Israel

Ramallah: The number of Palestinians killed by Israel is rising. In the West Bank In the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, five Palestinians—including two brothers—were killed, and 21 others were injured.

The 44-year-old Mufid Mahmoud Ekhlil was shot and killed at Beit Ummar in northern Hebron.

Nine Palestinians Were Shot

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, nine Palestinians were shot during the altercations and brought to local hospitals.

The Claims of the Israel Defense Forces

The Israel Defense Forces claimed that several Palestinians assaulted soldiers with explosives and rocks after two IDF vehicles became trapped during an operational patrol close to Beit Ummar, so the Forces responded.

Details About The Murder

In Kufr Ein, close to Ramallah, 22-year-old Jawad Abd Al-Rahman Rimawi was shot and killed. Thafer, his 21-year-old brother, was shot, seriously injured, and ultimately passed away.

Rami Abu Ali, a 45-year-old of Betunia, west of Ramallah, was killed in a vehicle accident, and an Israeli soldier, 20, was injured.

Another Palestinian, Raed Na’asan, was killed by Israeli fire as the IDF invaded his Al-Mughair hamlet in northeastern Ramallah.

The number of Palestinians killed by Israel is rising. Palestinians lose several lives as a result of constant Israeli attacks.

Increase In Bloody Conflicts

Following a bombing in Jerusalem last week that left two Israelis dead, there has been an increase in bloody conflicts.

To mourn the two brothers, Ramallah and other communities went on strike.

Palestinian Politicians’ Response

Ghassan Al-Khatib

Palestinian political expert and Birzeit University vice president Ghassan Al-Khatib told Arab News that Israeli escalation is evident.

He continued by saying that, in light of the ultra-right Israeli administration being established by Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu and comprising Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, he thinks that troops’ intrusions into Palestinian communities and villages would rise.

He said: “We are in danger of a rebellion and a rise in violence since every Israeli army strike would be met with a popular Palestinian response.”

Nabil Abu Rudeineh

Speaking on behalf of the Palestinian president, Nabil Abu Rudeineh stated that the Israeli government “bears full responsibility for these atrocities and must be held accountable for them.” He also noted that successive right-wing regimes had waged daily war against the Palestinian people.

“The American administration also has a tremendous responsibility for the occupation and the authorities’ ongoing atrocities against Palestinians since it is the only nation worldwide that supports the occupying state in terms of armaments, finance, and participation in international forums,” he continued.

According to Abu Rudeineh, the US government must take measures to prevent Israel from committing crimes that would destabilise the area.

Mohammad Shtayyeh

The murder of the two brothers was referred to as a “heinous act” by the Palestinian prime minister, Mohammad Shtayyeh.

He stated, “With the current Israeli administration continuing to declare war on our people, we call on the nations of the world to take prompt action to stop the Israeli killing machine and to prosecute those responsible for the crimes.”

Hussein Al-Sheikh

The Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Hussein Al-Sheikh tweeted that the brothers’ killings were “a terrible crime committed by the occupying troops.” Killing someone in cold blood is “fascist behaviour,” he continued.

At the funerals of the deceased in Ramallah and Hebron, hundreds of Palestinians shouted slogans denouncing Israeli occupation atrocities and demanding a stop to them.

Hazem Qassem

The Israeli occupation is urgently attempting to end the Palestinian people’s rightful fight, according to a spokesman for Hamas named Hazem Qassem. Still, this blood will only fuel our people’s revolution and ongoing revolt.


Many people grieve Palestinians killed by Israel, and Israel has no plans to cease the needless slaughter. How will the rest of the world respond?